Parent & Child Program

Come as a family and learn together

Who is this course for?

Our Parent & Child Program is designed for the family who would like to build a better relationship and learn about Australian culture in English. This is a 2-week program and students are Primary school students.

In their first week, guardians and kids join our activity program together to study Home stay English, Australian culture and experience Cairns. They will also learn how to prepare themselves better for the local schools.

In their second week, while parents study General English at SPC, kids join a prestigious primary school in Cairns, which is walking distance from SPC.

SPC group strongly recommends guardians to study English while the kids are at the local schools so the kids can learn from their guardian's great attitude towards studying.

How can the family choose the best accommodation option?

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Age group:




Start dates:

Primary School (6-12 years old)

2 weeks

Holiday Accommodation,

Dormitory + Homestay

July, August

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