SITHFAB002 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol

What is Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course (RSA)?

Responsible practices must be undertaken wherever alcohol is served or sold, including where alcohol samples are served during on-site product tastings. This unit, therefore, applies to any workplace where alcohol is served or sold, including all types of hospitality venues, retail liquor outlets and wineries, breweries and distilleries.

This applies to all levels of sales personnel involved in the sale, service and promotional service of alcohol in licensed premises. Those selling or serving alcohol may include food and beverage attendants; retail liquor sales persons; winery, brewery and distillery cellar door staff and supplier sales representatives. It also applies to security staff who monitor customer behaviour and to the licensee who is ultimately responsible for RSA management.


Minimum age:

Entry Level:

Start dates:


18 years old


Upper-Intermediate +

Inquire to SPC for available dates

1 day