About us

Learn about our history and our educational mission 

SPC first opened its doors in Cairns city in 2001 and never stopped growing. Against all odds moved to Kewarra Beach in 2011, a residential suburb north of Cairns to ensure students can focus their energy in developing their English skills in a quiet and peaceful location on a short bike ride from the beach.

ICQA has been in Brisbane for over 20 years and recently moved to a brand new location at 138, Albert Street, Brisbane to provide the best experience in an excellent location.

These two schools together formed SPC Group early in 2017. It does not matter if you are a beach lover or a city slicker, either way SPC Group can welcome you.

SPC is run by a group of nonconformists, people who don't settle and truthfully believe we can always achieve and conquer more. For this reason, SPC is a place that is constantly changing and renovating for a regular feeling of freshness.

We believe in quality education and our biggest aim is to become the best English teaching group in Australia. We work hard every day to provide the best environment to our students by investing in our teachers' development and school facilities. 

"We will keep working hard to make SPC the best learning environment, providing you with high quality education, and a safe overseas heaven."

Taka Kasahara


Our achievements

Both Sun Pacific College and ICQA had more than 15 years of experience in English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) industry before merging into SPC group. Together, the 2 schools have already taught more than 3,000 students and throughout the years, have achieved a lot.







ICQA is established in Brisbane

SPC is established in Cairns City

SPC moves from Cairns City to Kewarra Beach

SPC completes onsite dormitory renovation

SPC opens agent support office in Brazil

SPC and ICQA merge together to form SPC group


ICQA starts operating as SPC Brisbane


Our team


SPC team consists of a group of former international students in Australia who understand each and every struggle of being overseas on a study abroad program. Our teachers have wide experience teaching in non-English speaking countries, they come from various parts of the world, have different accents, different backgrounds and different life experiences, but one thing they do have in common is their love for teaching and the ability to touch people’s lives through education.




Agent Support Officer (Brazil)


Campus Manager



Agent Support Officer (Europe)



Academic Manager


Agent Support Officer

(S.America - Spanish)


Agent Support Officer

(Southeast Asia)

Housekeeping & Maintenance team

Food & Beverage team (Sun Pacific College, Cairns)

SPC has a group of people dedicated to the maintenance of our campus and our garden and also a team in charge of preparing fresh meals every day for our students. 

The chefs we have at our restaurant have various backgrounds to ensure we can please students from different eating cultures.

Garden interns with coconuts
Food & Beverage intern with Head Chef

Our partners

We offer pathway programs to our partners schools, colleges and universities, if you are interested in further studies, please contact us to find our more information.

Junior and Senior Secondary Studies 

  • Trinity Anglican School (TAS): Year 7 to year 12

Certificate and Diploma courses: 

  • International College of Queensland (ICQ): Beauty, remedial massage, salon management, hairdressing and barbering

  • Australian Child Career Options (ACCCO):  Early childhood education and care

  • Everthought College of Construction: Carpentry, wall and floor tiling and building and construction management

  • Tafe Queensland: Nursing and health, creative and agriculture and horticulture

  • Frontier Education: Commercial cookery and hospitality management

Bachelor and Master degrees:

  • University of Southern Queensland Australia (USQ)

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If you are an agent or education provider and would like to work with SPC group as a partner, please fill out the "talk to us" form and choose the related option. Our team will contact you shortly.